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Monday, November 29, 2004

Download link available

You can now download the project via the link on the left side of the page. Latest addition to the source code is a working quiescence search which has improved the tactical strength dramatically (although it has slowed things down a little but that's unavoidable). I still have not implemented King safety in the evaluation so the program does silly things like pushing its kingside pawns when castled. Speaking of the evaluation, it's basically an adaptation of Crafty's evaluation logic. It's meant to serve as a placeholder for you dear users, while I work on my own evaluation function. Right now fancy ideas involving static exchange evaluation(SEE) are swimming around in my head. I aim to model Karpovs' playing style of squeezing the opponent until he cries uncle. So stuff like mobility, space control and prophylaxis look good right about now. I estimate it will take me about six months with my schedule and all before I have something usable and better than the evaluation function that's in place right now.

Of course any bug fixes or suggestions are highly welcome. Oh yeah, the next post will be about using bitboards in your chess engine.

NOTE: You need Visual C# express to compile and run the project. Visual Studio.NET 2003 will not work. Download the free beta version of C# express by clicking the link below the project link


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